Family owned and operated Vogue Lighting has been providing residential and commercial lighting for Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for more than thirty years. We are your premier choice for all of your lighting needs.


     We have a wide variety of lighting styles and designs to choose from. Come in and shop for Chandeliers, Flush Wall Mountings, Lamps, Ceiling Fans, Pendant Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Wall Lights and much more.

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Lighting is an important element to any decor. It sets the mood of your home and makes you and your guest feel welcome and relaxed. The four types of lighting are Ambient, Task, Accent, and Natural.


Ambient lighting provides illumination for the entire room. Ambient lights include track lighting, chandeliers, recessed down lights, cove lighting, and portable lighting. Task lighting is used at schools, businesses, and in kitchens to provide glare free lighting that won't cause eye strain. Accent lighting illuminates objects on the wall or in the room. Natural lighting comes from skylights and windows.

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